Smelly Water Repair

Smelly water is unpleasant to drink or cook with, and it’s also embarrassing. There are a variety of different scenarios that can cause a funky or strange odor to be in your water. Our professional well technicians are highly experienced in determining the cause of the odor and developing a comprehensive strategy for removing the smell.

What Causes Smelly Well Water?

  • Sulfur or manganese from an aging well
  • Odors from iron
  • Naturally occurring gases in the water
  • Sulfur-reducing bacteria

The solution for smelly water depends on the source of the odor. Sometimes, an old well just needs to be entirely flushed out. Replacing your filter is another common solution.

If a hot water heater is improperly installed, you may notice a smell one to two months after installation. If you only notice the smell when the water is hot and you have a brand new water heater, this may be a call for your plumber rather than Adams Well Drilling.

Our water and well technicians will diagnose your smelly water issues and root out the source of the problem. Contact us today to learn more about how we solve water quality problems.