Well Cap Repair

Well caps help protect your well from a wide variety of contaminants. Unfortunately, these can be broken by lawnmowers or wear down with age. Adams Well Drilling has the expertise to ensure you have a well cap that adequately protects your well from bugs and bacteria.

Why Do I Need a Well Cap?

People don’t generally think of well caps as an important part of their well, but they do play a very significant role. These caps help keep spiders (and their webs), frogs, crickets, bacteria, and other contaminants out of your well. Considering that it’s your source of drinking water, this line of defense is critical!

A proper well cap should be at least one foot above the grade and o-ring sealed. This ensures that small bugs and critters can’t make their way into your well. We are happy to either install a new well cap or retrofit old caps to secure your well. Lastly, if you've noticed your well cap has been broken, we recommend you test for bacteria immediately.

Adams Well Drilling is standing by to service your well and well caps. Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly well technicians.