Lead Treatment

Odorless, tasteless, and invisible; lead oftentimes contaminates your drinking water without you even knowing it. Corroded pipes are the perfect recipe for this contaminant to plague your home or business’ water supply, posing as a harmful pollutant for your health. At Adams Well Drilling, our expert technicians will determine if contaminants are present in your water and provide the lead treatment solutions to make your water safe again.

How Do You Treat Lead?

The best solution for treating water with lead is to address the issue at its source. Almost all cases of lead-infused water are the result of galvanized plumbing or galvanized wells. In these situations, we strongly recommend replacing the old system to guarantee that lead won't leech into your water. Alternatively, we offer installation of reverse osmosis and whole house filtration systems, which will eliminate lead in the water.

Adams Well Drilling is proud to help our customers enjoy high-quality water, as well as keep their families safe from dangerous pollutants. If you're worried about lead in your water, we will make sure your water is entirely safe to drink.

Get the safe water you and your family deserve with our top-of-the-line lead treatment solutions. Contact us today for a water treatment appointment with one of our professional technicians.