Iron Testing

Water naturally contains a small amount of iron. However, too much iron is harmful to human health and can even lead to organ failure or death. If you suspect there is an excessive amount of iron in your water, it is imperative that you have it tested immediately. Our water technicians are experts at detecting iron and are ready to make sure that your well is producing safe drinking water.

Signs Your Water Has Too Much Iron

  • Water changes color to brown or red after sitting out for a few minutes
  • Orange or rusty colored stains on clothing or plumbing fixtures
  • People in the building experience stomach or gastrointestinal issues
  • Water has a metallic scent or taste

There are several different kinds of iron that may be in your drinking water, and it is important that you test for each. Ferris and ferric iron are the most common types. Submicronic iron, organically-bound iron, and flocculent iron are less common but harder to detect. Adams Well Drilling is fully qualified to detect any of these variants and will ensure that your water is entirely safe to drink.

We guarantee to detect any iron, contaminants, or other pollutants in your water. For water testing services you can count on, contact Adams Well Drilling today.