Pressure Gauge Repair

water pressure guageMuch like your pressure switch, a pressure gauge is a small but important part of any well. If the pressure gauge isn’t operating correctly, the pressure switch won’t receive accurate information, meaning the pump won’t be regulated properly. Adams Well Drilling is able to easily fix this issue.

How Can You Tell if Your Pressure Gauge Needs Service?

Pressure gauge problems are one of the easier well issues to diagnose. If the PSI gauge doesn’t ever move, then it is most likely broken. Another warning sign is a pressure reading when the system has no water in it. The pressure gauge is a tool that allows us to see how the system is operating. The gauge allows us to set and maintain appropriate operating pressures in the system. If it is not functioning properly, it is hard to use the well. We will quickly replace the component so you have water again with minimal downtime.

Adams Well Drilling is dedicated to providing excellent customer service on every single repair call. We’re a family owned and operated business, and we believe in treating customers like family too. That means taking the time to make sure the job’s done right and always looking out for the customer’s best interests. We promise you’ll notice the Adams difference!

If you’re having problems with your pressure gauge or any other part of your well, we’re here to help. Contact us today for professional well repair services.