Continuous Pump Running Repair

If your pump is running continuously, you will likely find yourself with extremely high electricity bills. Additionally, a pump that runs non-stop will prematurely wear as well, meaning it will need to be replaced sooner than a pump that operates normally. Adams Well Drilling is standing by to save your wallet with timely, professional repairs for continuous pump running.

Common Causes of a Continuously Running Pump

  • Bad check valve
  • Water treatment failure
  • Leak in the well
  • Leak in the house
  • Bad pressure tank
  • Softener has been pumping to drain

We always work to repair the problem in a way that achieves the best possible outcome for our customers. For example, we won’t push any repairs beyond what’s necessary. However, we may recommend additional repairs if it’s something we believe will be causing the property owner issues in the near future.

At the end of the day, we believe in treating our customers like family. That means refusing to take shortcuts and going the extra mile to leave you satisfied.

When your pump is running continuously, Adams Well Drilling is on-hand to fix the problem. Contact us today to learn more about our well repair services and solutions for a continuously running pump.