E. Coli Treatment

E. Coli is one of the worst strains of bacteria that can infect your well water. While some strains of E. Coli are actually harmless, others can cause severe illness. Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and nausea. In young children and elderly individuals, E. Coli infection can even lead to a deadly form of kidney failure. Adams Well Drilling has disinfected countless wells with E. Coli and will make sure your water supply is safe from this nasty bacteria.

How Do You Treat Water for E. Coli?

Chlorinating a well is the first line of defense against an E. Coli infection. We professionally administer chlorine to disinfect your entire well and plumbing systems. If chlorinating the water system fails, we may need to disassemble, clean, and/or replace components in the well/plumbing system that are hindering the disinfection process.

No matter your situation, we will make sure there is no trace of the bacteria in the water. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you figure out how E. Coli entered your water in the first place. Broken well caps or improper plumbing are common culprits. We will happily inspect your well caps and repair any compromised components to protect against further infections.

Adams Well Drilling takes pride in keeping our community safe with our expert water treatment services. Contact us today for help treating any E. Coli in your well water.